Does the pump comply with water authority standards?

Yes, Flomate is WRAS approved and fully compliant with UK water regulations.

Does the standard flomate pump need a minimum flow rate before the pump will start?

Yes. The pump activates when an unassisted flow of at least 0.6 litre per minute exists.

How much extra pressure and flow can I expect?

Flomate will deliver up to a maximum of 12 litres per minute (in accordance with current UK water regulations) and will provide a minimum of 1.5 bar on top of the existing incoming mains water pressure.

Flomate Mains Boost Extra systems will boost incoming water pressure to 3 bar and flow up to 30 litres/min for up to 40 minutes at a time (depending on model selected - see product specifications for guidance).

Flomate iBoost pumps water from its own integrated storage tank and can provide water at a pressure up to 4.5 bar and flow in excess of 100 litres per minute.

Can I use Flomate with an unvented cylinder system?

Flomate Mains Boost Extra models are suitable for use with unvented cylinders and can provide a compact and effective solution if the mains water supply to the cylinder is inadequate.

Most manufactures of unvented cylinders recommend a minimum water supply input of 1.5 bar and 20 litres per min to give an adequate supply when more than one outlet is used. In such circumstances and to meet these specific requirements, the Flomate Mains Boost Extra 200 & 300 units would be most suitable.

The smaller Flomate Mains Boost Extra 60/80/100 units do not meet the recommended minimum flow but if there is a poor mains supply, they may provide a sufficiently improved performance where space is limited.

The new Flomate iBoost system is ideally suited for use with an unvented cylinder system, particularly in larger properties with multiple bathrooms and ensuite facilities.